Patty Chen has been making dumplings since she was eight years old. She first started making dumplings at her family’s restaurant, “Four Seasons Dumpling House” in 1976.

She emigrated with her family, right after college, and founded their first US business, the “PuPu Hot Pot Chinese Restaurant” in 1992.

It was here, that she met her future husband and business partner, Marc Shulman. Together, they followed up with:

1997 Taiwan Café, Cambridge, known for authentic Taiwanese cuisine, hot pots, Taiwanese street food and the first “Boba” tea offerings in the area

2001 All Asia Bar, the formative venue for up -and -coming artists, best known for launching Karmin, The Bad Rabbits, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, David Wax Museum, Will Champlin (The Voice) Wanting Q (Grammy award winner), Mike Kaplan (The Late Show) and Joe Wang. (TV show host) Out of this space, she developed the School for Dumplings, and conceived the Dumpling Room

2013 Patty Chen’s Dumpling Room, born out of the ashes of the old Pu Pu Hot Pot, Patty Chens Dumpling Room launched on September 15th, 2013, at the Joyce Chen’s Annual Dumpling Festival. Subsequently, Marc and Patty put a twist on traditional dumpling houses, by creating vegetable infusedskins, and varied fillings, to create Patty’s “Happy Dumpling Family.” We came back to Joyce Chen’s Annual Dumpling Festival even better in 2014.